Tuesday, November 30, 2004

The (International) Red Cross

First, I have a rant on hold, was going to publish it first, but alas, I will wait until it ties in with something newsworthy.

Interesting thing though, CSPAN's Washington Journal had a New York Times article (they usually do) in this morning's broadcast. I believe the headline reads "Red Cross: Guantanamo Tactics "Tantamount to Torture". Now this is the "International" Red Cross, mind you. Lets see, the organization that visted Hitler's death camps and declared them "humane". They also found the Hanoi Hilton to be "acceptable" in treatment of prisoners. Now, the last time I checked, there weren't any gas chambers down at Guantanamo. So, if they were to be true to their record, the International Red Cross should find Guantanamo humane, even if it WAS one big torture chamber (which it is not). But true to form, this international organization ignored it's own despicable record on exposing the existance of human rights abuse, to accuse the United States of running a torture operation. Do you know why the Red Cross thinks we torture people? Because the doctors at Guantanamo Bay, GOD FORBID, share medical information with a panal of psychologists, who in turn report to the American interrogators. Gee, that's the biggest human rights abuse EVER! Even more than Saddam killing 100,000 Kurds with chemical weapons. Yea. Right. Now the Red Cross is considering "challenging the Bush administration". Maybe they should have considered CHALLENGING HITLER. I mean, it may only have saved a FEW million lives... but what the heck.


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