Sunday, April 10, 2005


I'm going to take the time again to plug "" (no, I don't work for them and am not affiliated with them in any way). Regardless of your ideology, please take a look at this site. They have a very simple approach to providing facts and a very high standard for their information. Right now, they have 7 major topics and seem to be working their way through all the politically hot topics affecting us today.

Again, it's

Monday, April 04, 2005

Zogby Comes Late

I haven't been saying much about the Schiavo case because there has already been a blizzard of disscussion, intelligent and not, on the issue and I didn't feel like adding to the storm. However, I just have to comment shortly on the new Zogby poll that's been released (post-mortum). Apparently, if you ask less biased questions, a majority of Americans did fall on the side of supporting Schiavo's right to live. The story is availible here:

Apparently the media thinks it can tell America how it feels about things, again. It would have been nice if a majority of the country knew that a majority of the country agreed with them. That may have made the difference in saving Terri's life. But by releasing polls that made it seem no one supported keeping Terri alive, major media (with it's agenda) managed to weaken the support for Terri, contributing to her death. It's like the Nov 2004 early exit polls all over again. If you can tell everyone they are losing, maybe it will really happen.

The credibility of the major media has reached a new low. If you had to chose between an alcoholic bum who promised not to spend your donation on liquor or CNN's latest poll, you would be better off believing the bum.